Q: What is sovereignty?

A: Sovereignty is having the full awareness and ability to choose what works for you and your body. It’s about listening to the internal voice that only you hear, and having the courage to act on it, no matter what. It’s listening for the signals from your body and allowing your body’s innate intelligence to call the shots.

Q: How do your products differ from all the others?

A: It is the potency of the 100% Pure and Natural essential oils we use, as well as the quality of ingredients. It is also what we leave out that makes each product so concentrated. No water, no fillers, no trendy super ingredients, no marketing spin. The super fine Italian cold pressed Hazelnut oil in our Rose Serum is naturally high in elastin, is absorbed seamlessly, and conveys the rose oil beautifully. It also blends superbly with our velvety shea butter which is wild harvested in Africa and processed in Scandinavia. The Golden Jojoba oil in our LUMINARIES is a wonderful stable oil conveys the aromatics with a clean brightness other oils lack.

We make for ourselves first. The Rose Serum and Cream and many of the Liquid Light blends, evolved from our own private collection, and quite simply, if it doesn’t get past Clive’s hypersensitive body, it doesn’t make the shelf. We are hand blended, and hand packaged as we simply do not believe a machine can replace the care and attention of the focused mind, body and heart. When we blend, we devote the time to only that, so a little bit of us that goes into each and every product.

In fact, each micro batch is numbered, and each Rose Serum and Rose Cream is authenticated. We work to small quotas that match our capacity to deliver focused intention in all we do.

To ‘mark’ each deep violet jar and bottle for the Rose Collection, we have called upon the services of the family company who, for four generations, have engraved the famous Melbourne Cup. Now that’s one jar or bottle you might want to keep!

And just an extra word, you won’t find us easily. Our stable of stockists will be handpicked and on our wavelength. Our focus is quality, not quantity. Just email us with any queries dee@manifestooflight.earth

Q: How to know if our products are for you?

A: In a world of spin, it’s very easy to be distracted by glossy claims. We have all been there. And for some, our products won’t be the right choice.

As we do not send samples, please take a moment to do a very simple exercise. You’re going to ask your body.

Stand with your feet together and close your eyes. Tune into your body now.

Take a deep breath, now exhale. Close your eyes and centre yourself. Imagine you are holding our product close to your body. Now take your awareness quietly inward, to the stillness within. Take your time. Now, ask your body:

Body, will this product benefit you?

Your body will respond with a slight lean forward, or a lean back. Forward is Yes, and back is No.

You may also experience a slight tingling along your spine for no. For some the response will be dramatic. For others, just subtle.  Either way, you will find your own truth, for your body never lies. Be aware it may respond in a slightly different way, as we’re all unique. Ask it to show you its Yes and its No. Experiment.

So, do not be swayed by our words, nor our experience. The most powerful way to sovereignty over your choices is to ask YOUR body first.

Q: Where do your essential oils come from? How do you trust your suppliers?

A: Our essential oils are sourced from all over the world. We can give you all the data about how they are the finest (and will if you require) but in a world of spin and spurious claims, it can mean little. What does matter is how Clive’s body and nose react. Like the proverbial canary down the coal mine, he’ll know. His body is tuned to look for the signals. It’s also about the integrity of our suppliers and the long relationships we’ve nurtured. That’s why we often fly under the radar. We just quietly know where to look.

Q: Why not include water in the products?

A: Water’s in 99% of skincare. It grows bacteria, so you need to add preservatives. It also pads out the product, making it an economical extender. You can ‘add’ your own water by simply applying our products to a damp skin, which speeds absorption.

Q: Can you recommend an exfoliant?

A: We do have our own blend for a gentle, 100% pure plant-based exfoliator which we recommend partners our products. We are happy to share it with you. You can email us for details: dee@manifestooflight.earth

Q: How do I look after them?

A: Keep them away from extreme heat, as the Rose Cream will melt in direct sun. If you live in a very hot climate, you may keep your Cream in the cooler. The dark blue violet Miron glass packaging protects the contents, and will extend their shelf life. Also do keep the lids on tight and wipe them with a tissue to ensure they are clean and cared for. Use your bonus travellers to decant the contents for short trips or inflight application. We always suggest you treat your rose products as you would your baby. Treasure them.

Keep your LUMINARIES Liquid Light away from direct heat. Keep the lids on tight, and away from little children. Incorporate them into your every day, and expand your Aromatic Light Wardrobe as your elevate your frequency.

Q: If they contain no preservatives, what is their shelf life?

A: We always apply a shelf life of twelve months from preparation for the Rose Collection. As each batch is small and pre ordered, it does not sit on shelves for very long. We find most dedicated clients use their product within six months. The Liquid Light has a slightly longer shelf life, but as with all our products, use them within six months of opening.

We recommend you have a spare favourite Liquid Light in your cupboard for when you run out, as its difficult to see the levels through the dark glass.

Q: Can I use them with my other products?

A: Yes, you can. We all have our favourites. However, you may become ‘addicted’ to the quality of ours. If that happens, just head to our Private Membership section. From there you can gain private access to our cleansers, body oils, ultra natural perfumes, and more. But you do have to be ready to enter this aromatic world. Be prepared to let go of a plethora of glossy commercial choices and let your body seek the finest. We have found it to be worth it.

Q: Where else can I buy them?

A: With us for now. However, we will have a limited stable of trusted retailers and partners on our wavelength, and we’ll let you know as they come on aboard. If you consider yourself a potential retailer, we’d love to talk to you. Just be prepared to do business differently.

Q: Why aren’t they in smaller amounts? Can I sample them first?

A: We want you to lavish. Get it on your skin. Use it every day. The Rose Serum works equally on males as well as females, so please share its evocative aroma with your partner. You can use your Rose Cream day and night, around your eyes, your décolletage, and your neck. One pot does the lot. Simplify. And we fill the jar to the brim. Remember, we make for our own exacting standards first. You’re simply the lucky beneficiaries.
And no, unfortunately we don’t send out samples for first time clients. As we are limited and do everything by hand, we cannot meet the demand. However, go to Question 3.

Q: Why do you caution usage if I’m pregnant, have high blood pressure or epilepsy?

A: Rose oil of this quality oxygenates the body, giving it a vital bloom. A similar process happens to the blood for a woman during her pregnancy. We are therefore cautious that the body is not over stimulated. Equally, if you have high blood pressure, or epilepsy, the rose oil may affect the balance of some medications. We recommend you contact us for details: dee@manifestooflight.earth

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