The Rose Serum

Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle Double Blended Serum® – 100ml


Product Description

Please note we bottle our Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle Double Blended Serum® in generous, monogrammed 100ml bottles, as we invite you to liberate yourself and use it without restraint. Each bottle comes with its own signed authentication card and instructions, in a black envelope. We also gift you a matching 10 ml traveller, with a black velvet bag, so you need never be without.

Directions for use:

Men can use the serum after shaving, applying a pump or two to damp skin. Press to your face and breathe in deeply, closing your eyes. Visualise the rose oil permeate your whole energetic field. Some will find their usual aftershave or moisturiser are now obsolete.

Women can use the serum in the same manner, to amplify their rose cream, or on its own.

The rose oil can also be anointed by lovers, anywhere on the body for intimate, connecting, heart opening, hedonistic pleasure.  Take your time.

Our Miron bottles are specifically chosen for their protection of high frequency essential oils. As the level of product is not easily visible, always keep your small bottle filled. When you only have 10 ml remaining, it is time to re order.


Italian cold extracted hazelnut oil (Corylus colurna), 100% Pure and Natural essential oils of Rose Damascena Absolute (Rosa damascena) Rose Damascena Otto (Rosa damascena), Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) and Geranium (Pelargonium roseum).

Please note: At Manifesto of Light we understand the potency of this product. As rose oil of this quality is a highly active ingredient, we caution use if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or epilepsy. If this applies, please email us for more information.